Saturday, June 15, 2013

"Day I Met God....I got so carried away!"

Don't panic, this isn't a religious post, however it is a review of a recent Adam Ant gig I attended in Belfast, so be warned the following includes; men in make-up (and not just Adam), jelly tots and over-excited women. Hopefully, I will be able to convey the screaming, sweating and adulation over the next few paragraphs.
The journey to May 4th 2013 began on December 25th 2012 when I received a hand-made Christmas card in the shape of a vinyl record from my wife with a wee note inside to say that she had pre-ordered me Adam's new album on double-vinyl. The excitement didn't stop there as the sleeve was to be signed by Adam!! The next month was unbearable but finally at the end of January, it arrived BUT the f***ing delivery person had left it on the doorstep in the pouring rain!! Thankfully, no damage done and I was sooooo excited.......
Thinking that life with Adam couldn't get any better, he announced that he was to be playing the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival in Belfast in May. A huge thank-you to Diane Couser for sitting patiently on-line waiting for tickets to go on sale and then purchasing one for me.
The next few months flew by as not only was I on countdown to the gig but I was busy training for the Belfast Marathon which was taking place 2 days after the concert. Initially, I thought I would be going to the concert with just Diane but as May 4th got ever closer, 2 became 3 and finally we were the Magnificent Five. To save blushes, I shall call these 3 Antpeople: Ruth, Maura and Jean.
MAY 4TH 2013
Before leaving for the gig, I applied a little make-up, make-up and painted my nails in a combination of orange and yellow (this was to match the colours I would be wearing on my vest during the Belfast Marathon). The venue was a marquee at Custom House Square and I met Diane and her Lovely Posse just before 7pm and whist we waited patiently at the front of the queue, Jean decided that I wasn't wearing enough make-up so applied a variety of Clinique products across my face; without a mirror I couldn't see the end result but I was reliably informed I looked gorgeous!!
Here's Diane and I both looking fabulous before the gig:
This was my 3rd Adam gig but the for the others this was their first experience of seeing Adam in the flesh and to say the four of them (particularly Diane and Ruth) were excited is a bit of an understatement. We entered the marquee just after 8pm and tried to stay calm and reserved but that was never going to happen as we headed towards the stage. Here the Magnificent Five (less Diane) try not to show their excitement before arrives on stage (please note, the bag of jelly tots...we don't drink, don't smoke but we do consume sugary confectionery)
There was no support band, so it was a case of waiting patiently and shortly after 9pm, the lights dimmed and a short burst of "1812 Overture" came over the speakers. The band appeared first, took their positions and the intro to "Marrying the Gunner's Daughter" filled the marquee. The crowd went crazy as Adam sauntered on stage and what followed was 2 hours of energy, excitement, sweat, screaming and having a bloody good time; not forgetting the 28 tracks which covered the 35+ years of Adam's career.
What I loved was the way Adam (and the band) were up there on stage really enjoying themselves and not just going through the motions. The songs came thick and fast ranging from 'B' sides such as "Beat My Guest" and "Kick" to new tracks like "Shrink" and "Stay in the Game". There was no time for a breather as hit followed hit - "Stand and Deliver", "Kings of the Wild Frontier", "Antmusic" and of course a few old favourites - "Cleopatra" and "Never Trust a Man with Egg on his Face"
The five of us had managed to stay in close proximity despite all the jumping around and the crowd surges, although the heat was getting a little unbearable and at one point Jean and Maura had to make their way outside for some fresh air.
It was left to Ruth, Diane and I to shout and scream during the encores particularly as we were this close to our hero -

By this point, I was getting a little carried away -

We wanted the gig to go on all night but when Adam and the band reappeared a second time and played "Red Scab", "Get it On" and "Physical (You're So), we knew that was going to be it. We stamped our feet and screamed but the lights went up and we left the marquee as "Twenty Flight Rock" by Eddie Cochran came over the speakers. It was a brilliant night and I would go and see Adam again in a heartbeat but why no "Bullsh*t"? The set list was also too similar to when I saw him in Dublin in 2011...maybe throw in a few album tracks from "Prince Charming" and "Strip" and mix up the 'B' sides? I'm not convinced that having Georgina on backing vocals adds anything to the band either. These are very minor grumbles and the five of us (in very hoarse voices) all agreed it had been an amazing evening. And to round things off, Diane then went and bought me a tour T-shirt as a memento.
I was on a high and 2 days later proudly wearing my Adam wristbands, along with the orange and yellow nail varnish, I ran Belfast Marathon in 3:49.